Friday, February 08, 2008

Israeli attempt to divert water from Lebanon thwarted

Lebanese residents have thwarted an attempt by Israeli workers backed by Israeli troops to reopen a channel that would allow them to divert rain water form Lebanese territory, the state-run National News Agency reported.

It said on Saturday the channel was shut by the Lebanese army for over a year after it had caused damage to crops in the border Lebanese villages of Adassiyeh and Kfar Kila.

NNA said work stopped at the channel when a Lebanese army patrol, backed by Spanish peacekeepers, was dispatched to the area after tension ran high.


  1. Obviously, this news is taken from a Lebanese source. I don't have any other so it will have to do.

  2. UNIFIL dispels rumors of Blue Line violation by Israeli Army

    The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon's (UNIFIL) spokeswoman denied on Thursday rumors that the Israeli Army crossed the Blue Line, established by the UN to demarcate the border with Israel after the latter withdrew from most of the South in 2000.

    In a press release, Yasmina Bouzianne said the Israeli Army did not cut across the Blue Line through the town of Ghajar, nor was the army lined up along the Wazzani River, contrary to information that was circulated by the press earlier Thursday.


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