Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Israel built its nuclear bombs with stolen Egyptian uranium

Funny how so many of Israels wars and occupied territories just happen to include a tale of a natural resource. There is the Palestinian water, the off shore gas and now: the Egyptian uranium. See 'Israel secretly exploited Egypt's uranium'; a story seen a couple of places around the net.

According to this story, Israel built its nuclear bombs using uranium taken from the Sinai Peninsula [Wikipedia] during the 1950ies. Israel has had various military operations on the peninsula in the course of its conflicts with Arab countries including a brief invasion in 1956. According to the official secret of Israels nuclear weapons the uranium used was from low quality deposits in the Negev desert. Perhaps not?

This story is told by 83-year-old Israeli Professor Uriel Bachrach who worked for the Science Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). In his recent Hebrew only book, The Power of Knowledge, he reveals how he participated in an undercover operation in the Sinai; disguised as German engineers. Very interesting - but I would like some more and better sources on the story from the book than Arab media briefs.

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