Sunday, May 22, 2011

North vs South Sudan fights over oil-rich territory

Reuters / North Sudan seizes disputed Abyei, thousands flee
Sudan's northern army seized control of the disputed, oil-producing Abyei region, officials said Sunday, forcing thousands to flee and bringing the country's north and south to the brink of full conflict.
"Most residents in Abyei town left yesterday (Saturday) and have gone south. There are reports of looting by armed groups."
- U.N. spokeswoman Hua Jiang

Al Jazera / Sudanese troops 'in control of Abyei'
Control of oil-rich and fertile Abyei has been the main point of dispute between Sudan and South Sudan ahead of plans for the south to become a separate state on July 9, following a January referendum on independence. [...] The North and South were supposed to have withdrawn all of their forces from Abyei by this week except for a special joint force made up of units from both sides. The north supports the Arab Misseriya tribe that grazes its cattle in Abyei, and the south backs the Dinka Ngok tribe that lives there year round.

MSF / Sudan: MSF Assists 42 Wounded in Violent Clashes in Abyei
The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is currently responding to the consequences of fighting in the Abyei region, in Sudan. Following violent clashes, the MSF hospital in Agok, 40 kilometers [24 miles] south of Abyei, received 42 wounded late Friday and early Saturday.

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Abyei Main street 2005 by Gert J.

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  1. Sudanese town of Abyei still tense after burning and looting, UN reports

    "While the Sudanese town of Abyei is now empty with its residents having fled the recent violence, the situation there remains tense, according to the United Nations, which called on both sides to cease their hostilities and return to negotiations.

    The disputed town, which is contested by both north and south Sudan, has witnessed renewed clashes in recent days, including looting and burning earlier this week, following the takeover of the area by Sudanese Government forces. The violence has led thousands to flee their homes."


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