Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trouble in Kazakhstan oil city

Oil industry workers have been protesting layoffs and demanding raises. Authorities have answered with a crackdown: reports of dead and injured, mobile network and internet censored. International networks of hackers are providing dial-up internet communication just like they did in Egypt early 2011.
"The protesters blocking the railway refused to leave the area and the clashes started. I am now in the hospital. One 25-year-old young man was shot in the head and died. Eight men were wounded and the number of the wounded is increasing." - Bauyrzhan, local

Read about Kazakhstan in Ecowar - Natural Resources and Conflict (the book) pages beginning 57, 104 and 114.

Via /. read Kazakhstan says it has restored order in oil town where 10 were killed in riots, Kazakhstan Disables the Internet, Situation Remains Tense In Western Kazakhstan After Deadly Clashes.

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