Friday, February 10, 2012

Jacque Fresco, Venus Project interviewed on Russia Today

"The Venus Project is an attempt to bring world peace and all the nations together. If you don't want war, killing, [?] crime you have to redesign the way society works, you have to declare all the Earth's resources as a common heritage of all the world's people [...]

We don't go to another country to bring democracy, we go there for their resources. Oil, metal, cheap labor. We don't go to bring democracy. We took this land [...] we stole it [...then] we put up a sign: 'Thou Shall Not Steal'."

This interview is from February 2010. Scandalously no-one has told me about it a long time ago.

Apparently, Mr. Fresco share the notion that access to natural resources is the need behind many conflicts. He also is a bit of a dreamer and extremely critical of western democracy.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Truck driver busted with stolen glacier - denialism & jokes ensue

So, Chilean police have arrested a truck driver with 5 tonnes of "endangered" glacier ice.

My first thoughts were of the tragic irony: poor people worsening an environmental catastrophe (glacier degradation) probably to mitigate its effects (droughts) in what affordable way they could conceive (theft in response to water supply being privatized). Then the denial forecast kicked in: Climate change "skeptics" will now be wittily and/or insanely claiming glaciers aren't melting, they are getting stolen. Al Gore probably the kingpin of the glacier mafia.

Most news reports have been aiming for cheap jokes so far:
Ha, ha. For a short, factual article with pictures of the actual loot see The Telegraph / Police investigate glaciar theft. It appears to be speculation, but several articles report a plot to sell the 1000+ years old ice for fancy drinks. What is certain is now the ice will be used to mitigate drought stricken farms.

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