Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Defining Peace" - talk by Zeitgeist's Peter Joseph

The neo-guru of the Zeitgeist movement, Peter Joseph gave a good speech in Israel on 6th of February, 2012. It has been uploaded in its entirety to Youtube.
A highlight at about half an hour into the speech Joseph quotes professor of history Richard A. Gabriel on the historical emergence of warfare. Joseph continues:
...since that time of those early forms of modern civilization there have been thousands of wars. Most of which have to do with the acquisition of resources or territory where one group is either working to expand its power or material wealth or working to protect itself from others trying to conquer or absorb it. And obviously, this is essentially still the same state of affairs today.
"Obviously", Peter Joseph? In all humbleness, you don't prove it. I do :-) Specifically, the emergence of organized (resource) warfare see pages 13-17 of Ecowar - Natural Resources and Conflict. For "proof" you'll have to read chapters 3 and 4 too.

Also consider listening to the post-speech Q&A session. Some of the questions are even interesting.

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