THE BOOK: "Ecowar - Natural Resources and Conflict"

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The book is a quite different read than the blog. It is made up of blog content systematically restructured, re-digested and sorted. Entire chapters are exclusive and all parts have new updates. Plus it begins before the blog did by telling the story of how I was inspired to even begin.

"All wars are fought over natural resources", a local permaculture enthusiast told me as we were driving home from a visit to a community gardening project. By growing his own potatoes he was in his own small way promoting world peace. A bit over-simplified I thought to myself. But an interest was sown. This book summarizes more than four years of spare time research into his postulate.

The 144 page "Ecowar - Natural resources and conflict" sums up the links between natural resources and conflict in four parts:
  1. a historical review,
  2. a look at current conflicts influenced by natural resources,
  3. an overview of academic research
  4. and finally a cautions prognosis for future development.

A natural science and plain facts based - rather than political or religiously motivated - approach to geopolitics. Spiced with semi-fictious short stories in which you'll meet the following people first hand:
  • A Neanderthal family 80,000 years ago
  • A Christian knight on Crusade year 1219
  • UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld in Africa year 1961
  • George W. Bush and staff year 2002
  • A Kenyan herder year 2011
  • An urban survivor in the near future

May prove how all wars are indeed fought over natural resources. Or at least show that few wars are fought for the reasons they were excused by.

Available in bookstores and via several vendors - find an updated list of online vendors at The price is just 85 DKK / 11 € / 15 US$ (varies with vendor).

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