Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bahrain environmentalists protest the mass destruction in Iraq

"War is the first enemy of the environment [...] The use of depleted uranium affects those living and future generations. Many children are being born deformed or are getting cancer because of the depleted uranium. [...] We lit candles to remember victims of Bush's terror against the environment and humanity"

- Khawla Al Muhannadi


  1. The Bahrain environmentalists should look beyond the false information posted on the internet by Leuren Moret, a pretend "scientist", Doug Rokke, a pretend "warrior" and read what the UN Environmental Programme found after extensive field and laboratory research in Boznia-Herzegovina and the International Atomic Energy Agency found in Kuwait. They will find a very much different picture. Unless they are still pro-Saddam Hussein; his regime started the entire anti-depleted uranium crusade with a campaign of lies to get out from under the UN Sanctions that ended the Gulf War, which kept Bahrain free, they might even want to rethink their opinions. I invite them to write me through the Yahoo Group DUStory -

    Here are links to these two reports - there are many other links at
    and files with the truth about Rokke and Moret as well in the Files Section.

    Depleted Uranium in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Postconflict Assessment http://postconflict.unep.ch/publications/BiH_DU_report.pdf

    Radiological Conditions in Areas of Kuwait With Residues of Depleted

  2. I certainly hope that you will approve my post - it is factual! If you don't, please, send it back to me.

    I did not save a copy since it is very late and I did not realize that this is one of those moderated things.


    rwhelbig at gee mail dot com

  3. Thank you for commenting, Roger.

    I don't know this particular group but their complaints have certainly been heard before from others. And in general I agree war is very destructive, polluting and wasteful. You will be able to find a couple of similar entries of older date on this blog.

    As for the moderation, I was just a bit afraid I'd get overrun by political bloggers.

  4. Sorry for the late response,
    we are extremely busy in our end with our environmental issues as volunteers in addition to our bread and butter job that we tend to miss important events in between.

    Doug and Leuren (may God bless their efforts to make a difference in this crazy world) are new friends, they couldn't possibly "contaminate Bahrain's environmentalists thoughts and facts",
    I would like to refer you to the Environment Friends Society (of Bahrain) discussion forum, where the issue of depleted Uranium and crimes against people and environment is quite an old issue

    I am personally shocked that there are some people still unaware of the crimes committed and furthermore willing to defend the immoral unethical and illegal war of terrorism against the civilians in Iraq.

    It is so ironic that the writer mention Sadam Hussein in his claim,
    I'm not quite sure what he meant, but are there people in this world who still think that Iraq has only Sadam Hussein on it when this civilized country was destroyed with worst existing Weapons of Mass Destruction?

    May I refer you to some of EFS posts? Pls take some time to read it before you jump to any conclusion.





    in 2003


    there are much more but in Arabic which are studies by some Iraqi Scientists (who were not murdered yet) regarding Depleted Uranium in particular.

    Finally, if you think this is all a big propaganda (as US media likes to name it) then I would invite you to visit Baqdad and then go home (wherever is home for you) and live a normal life without fearing for your future and the future of your kids to be born.

    Isn’t it too bad that a nation was condemned of the worse war against humanity and life? You don’t even wants to give the victims the right to be called victims?

    George Nader
    Environment Friends Society

  5. George and Benno,

    Just because there are dozens of articles tagged means absolutely nothing when none of them have been factually reviewed. Most of the articles about DU quote one another; they all ignore any of the actual scientific investigation because it does not fit their politics. I am sorry to learn that neither of you has an open mind. Anyone who blesses a pair of crooks; and that is what Doug Rokke and Leuren Moret are, international crooks. They both claim to be what they are not and never have been radiation experts and experts in depleted uranium and they both subsist on selling their DVDs and books and travelling around the world on other people's dimes. For a much more rational discussion of uranium, go to http://www.depletedcranium.com or to the links at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/55 - these are not Moret quoting Rokke quoting Moret, etc. type discussions.


  6. Is there some reason why actual scientists in Kuwait and Boznia-Herzegovina, doing actual fieldwork, digging holes, making tests, etc. should be ignored and that internet postings with no factual basis should be taken as
    Gospel. This is not a political issue - you may think so, but in reality, it is one of scientific measurement. I don't see any to support your claims. None, whatsoever, even the horrible photos have no actual scientific basis and some may have even been Photoshopped.

  7. Ahem Roger...

    I find it a bit funny you accuse me of being a conveyor of "political" information and not having an open mind - then have you expect me to find "much more rational discussion" on a site called "www.depletedcranium.com". Seriously.

    I'm strongly pro-science and common sense. You are attacking the messenger.

    I found some entries at depletedcranium somewhat funny and interesting. Like the one dissing that Intelligent Design and tax evasion guy. Maybe this blog could do some kind of cooperation in the future? Address topics from different points of view for mutual benefit.

  8. Just a little reminder:

    "Methods or means of warfare that are intended or may be expected to case widespread, long-term and severe damage to the environment are prohibited."

    - Geneva Convention, Protocol I, Art. 35, Sec. 3.


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