Monday, December 22, 2008

How Eta went to war over the environment

Eta has declared war on a high-speed rail link to be built through the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe. Two weeks ago the new cause claimed its first victim - Ignacio Uría, 71, a businessman shot dead by two Eta gunmen as punishment for his involvement in the railway project. Eta has gone green, in characteristically deadly fashion.

I suspect "fraud ecowar". The rebels could be taking nature's case hostage to continue their fight for independence. Wouldn't a high speed railway be a good thing for the environment!?

"Eta is not interested in ecology. The social movement around Eta is strongly left-wing, anti-globalisation and so on, but Eta itself does not have any ideology that is not strictly pro-Basque independence" - Anna Garbati, a veteran Bilbao reporter

However, there are two previous examples of such activism: the campaigns against a local nuclear power plant in the 1980s, in which five died, and a motorway in the 1990s, in which four were killed. Both are seen as historic victories for the movement.

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  1. Eta warns rail workers are target
    The Basque militant group Eta has claimed responsibility for shooting dead a businessman who was involved in building a high-speed railway in Spain.


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