Sunday, June 20, 2010

Professor Montonen talk on environmental impact of war

Claus Montonen at Klimaforum09 from Benno Hansen on Vimeo.

Claus Montonen, professor of theoretical physics at the University of Helsinki, Finland, speaks at "Climate change and conflict - The Danger of future wars", Klimaforum09 Sunday the 13th of December 2009 about the environmental impact of war.

Climate change will create both floods and draught and force millions of poor people to flee their homes. The world will be short of the basic needs of human beings. We will experience more conflicts about farmland, water and food. According to UN, 20 million people were made homeless because of climate related disasters in 2008. We need solutions that are social and global just and responsible. We need the money used on weapons of mass destruction and warfare to be transferred to social and sustainable development.

Also, see the events 2009 page at INES' own site (presentations and some audio) and my TH!NK2 article Klimaforum09 talks: “Climate change and conflict - the danger of future wars” (videos of the two other speakers at the event and transcriptions of selected highlights).

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