Monday, October 25, 2010

How many people can live on Planet Earth? Watch this BBC documentary!

Whether you're discussing water resources, food security, climate change, migration, developing countries or pretty much any geopolitical or human ecological topic there is one other topic often avoided: Overpopulation. Watch this 58 minute BBC documentary on YouTube.

Regarding "Ecowar relevance" the following parts are especially interesting.

14 min: Value of ecosystem services
Doug Hamilton, International Space Station.
"When you see how hard it is to reproduce what Mother Nature does every day for all of us you begin to really appreciate the world that you have."
17 min: Water
Mexican government emergency water truck driver.
"At some time in the future wars are going to be fought over water, not oil. But people don't seem to understand."
27 min: Land grabs
Chinese, Saudi Arabian and British "land grabs". Most are in Africa which already has trouble feeding itself.
In the 29th minute a segment about Rwanda begins... Then there is peak oil, carrying capacity, relative ecological footprints, Indian family planning... almost the entire package.

Thank you David Attenborough and BBC. And thank you EJC for alerting me of this program.

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