Monday, June 06, 2011

Climate news: Change linked to food security, emissions up, denialism alive and well, scientists threatened

I'm a bit behind on taking note of the climate change news. First the bad plus the ridiculous:

CO2 emissions are setting records while old time denier release auto-biographic film
Carbon dioxide emissions hit record levels following global financial crisis lows (Reuters / IEA sees record CO2 emissions in 2010). Apparently now Westerners buy even more goods produced by coal dependent emerging economies. Meanwhile Bjørn Lomborg (see A history of skepticism: Bjørn Lomborg) released a film titled after his last book (Cool it) yet judging from from the mildly forgiving reviews is simply an advertisement of the person. What a depressing combination of news.

Not exactly battlefield news. But it gets worse.

Australian climate scientists given protection following death threats and harassment
We should defend the rights of stupid people as well as people who are simply wrong and let them speak their mind. And even make films that advocate dangerous policies like Lomborgs. But in Australia the anti-environmentalists have reached a new low by threatening scientists whose research helped clear up the uncertainties previously surrounding climatology. Shocking. Remotely understandable if the threats had been directed towards politicians - but threatening the researchers!? (ABC News / Death threats sent to top climate scientists, The Sydney Morning Herald / Death threats to scientists)

Science journal article links climate change to food security
"In most places we see temperature trends, and they have significantly reduced yield growth."
 - Wolfram Schlenker
Since I'm not blogging that much on climate these days I really hope the next post will be a bit more encouraging. But that depends on people not acting selfishly or stupid.

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