Monday, July 11, 2011

Ecowar 2.1

Don't panic, you're at Ecowar. I merely changed the good old custom tweaked and heavily bloated design for a fresh standard one.

I'm also trying out some new stuff. Some stories develop too fast for a one-man blog to follow. But on the new page Inside the wire, under the radar the job is done by 'the crowd' and me curating content using Keepstream. For now I'm doing a stream about the Spratly Islands but plan more (any suggestions?).

In somewhat related news, I also set up a Benno Hansen Weekly at Why? Well actually could be even smarter than Keepstream (comparing apples and oranges here) in that it does the job for you. If you sign up, it produces a "paper" for you based on which links the people you follow have been tweeting. Meaning, now I can check once a week and get an instant overview of what I "should" have been reading at Twitter (but perhaps didn't because it's almost impossible to keep up with). I'm trying to make it favor Ecowar related news.

Update: Due to popular demand the old background is back. It shows old barbed wire in Normandy with green grass and flowers underneath in stead of mud, blood and carcasses - White Flowers by Reid Gilman. Couldn't handle the grey overload and dystopia anyway :-)

White Flowers

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