Saturday, January 14, 2012

Abusing animals for fun & covering up pollution - busy day in the US Army

Huffington Post / Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Cover-Up Hinted In Navy Letter
The U.S. Navy is asking government investigators to suppress information concerning the toxic water scandal at the Marine Corps' Camp Lejeune, according to a letter obtained Thursday by The Huffington Post. [...] Government watchdogs and environmental advocates said they interpret the letter as further evidence of a Navy effort to evade culpability for what many call the worst and largest drinking water contamination in U.S. history. [...] The research is a prerequisite for a series of health studies exploring links between chemical exposures and what appears to be increased levels of disease among former Camp Lejeune residents, including male breast cancer and childhood leukemia.

Huffington Post / Military Misconduct: Sheep-beating Video Surfaces
Last year, a scandalous video emerged of a U.S. marine throwing a puppy off a cliff. Now there is this video of a soldier repeatedly beating a sheep with a baseball bat to the whoops and laughter of other soldiers who are looking on.
Warning: Watching this video is unpleasant.
Military psychologists and psychiatrists are aware, as are all psychologists and psychiatrists, that gratuitous cruelty to animals, especially when it gives pleasure to the perpetrator, is an indicator of other anti-social problems that need to be taken most seriously. Juveniles who decapitate neighborhood cats or hang the family dog from a tree are almost guaranteed to go on to other violent crimes if they are not stopped and dealt with. All the "school shooters" have a history of cruelty to animals, as does every known serial killer from Son of Sam to Jeffrey Dahmer.


  1. Horrible video to watch... like so many others filmed by soldiers and leaked to the internet. I agree with the caption that there are rotten apples everywhere, but we should also consider what war does to the individuals that take part in them. It turns them into "rotten apples". There is something hypocritical about us sending soldiers to e.g. Afghanistan, and then be disappointed when they turn into brutes.


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