Monday, February 04, 2008

Chemical Weapon Time Bomb Ticks in the Baltic Sea

For almost 50 years chemical weapons from two World Wars have been lying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Authorities deny they are a danger, but environmentalists are calling for their removal and proper disposal.

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  1. Similar story half way around the globe: Underwater explosives put environment at risk, says expert
    Canada could be on the brink of an "ecological nightmare" as chemicals and explosives from submerged military boneyards seep into the water, says a retired U.S. navy bomb disposal expert.

    Jim Barton, a senior technician with the U.S. navy's explosive ordnance disposal unit between 1975 and 1999, says the clock is ticking to clean up hundreds of thousands of discarded weapons from the floors of Canada's lakes, rivers and ocean areas.

    "If you wait . .. one day, you wake up and you've got an ecological nightmare on your hands," Barton said in an interview from Norfolk, Va.


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